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    Occupancy house: max. 8 guests

    Binding registration: The rent is due after confirmation and should
    be received within 7 days after confirmation.


    Withdrawal 31 days before rental: no charge

    30-21 days before rental begins: 10% from total price

    20-14 days before rental begins: 30% from total price

    13-4  days before rental begins: 50% from total price

    3 days or less before rental begins: 80% from total price


    If you cancel your trip please inform us within 24 hours.

    Caution deposit: 200,-€ by check-in (cash)

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    Dear guests

    Before you rent our house, you should read these lines and Conditions of Use carefully. We are very keen that you will spend a pleasant stay with us, but it is inevitable that even the renting a vacation home is handled by means of a contract.

    General terms and booking conditions

    Casa Monte Figo

    Caminho do Monte Figo s / nr

    8005-534 - Valados / Faro



    The lease agreement

    The completed time lease for the house comes between you as the tenant and me, as a private landlord. Subject of the contract is the temporary transfer of the holiday home for residential purposes. It is located in the

    Caminho do Monte Figo s / nr in
    8005-534 Valados at Sta. Barbara de Nexe,
    Faro - Portugal


    1. Conclusion of contract

    1.1 The guest contract is deemed concluded when providing the holiday home has been ordered by the guest and confirmed by the landlord by the booking confirmation. Confirmation will be received in writing by post, email or fax. For last minute bookings and on special request also telephone confirmations are accepted.


    1.1.1 Reservation / Booking:

    The reservation by the tenant is done by sending the reservation form (Internet) or by phone, by email or by post. After receipt of the reservation request the landlord no other reservations may be accepted for this selected period.

    The reservation will be processed directly by the owner. The owner retains the right to refuse a reservation request without giving a reason. After considering a booking confirmation by e-mail, fax or by post to the tenant will be sent within 24 hours. Only now, the reservation for both parties (tenant and landlord) is authentic and there is a deposit of 20% of the total price due. The exact amount to be paid deposit is indicated in the reservation confirmation.

    The booking is binding with the receipt of the amount (deposit) to our account and the tenant receives a confirmation via e-mail, fax or by post. If payment is not received in the specified account within 7 days, your reservation will expire and the selected period is available again.


    2. Payment

    2.1 The prepaid rent is 20% of the rental price and is due upon receipt of reservation confirmation and must be received by the owner within 7 days after date of reservation confirmation.

    The balance is due 4 weeks before arrival. If payments are made not according to the contract, could be considered a cancellation of the tenant from the lease in accordance with point. 5 are counted. In order laid down therein payments are due.

    2.2 Rates are quoted in Euros.

    2.3 When booking a deposit of EUR 200, - designated with. This is to be paid on arrival in cash in accordance with the lease. The refund will be refunded accordingly departure of the guest.

    2.4 The price / performance specifications are subject to change and depend on price increases, misprints. The prices that are published on the Internet at http://www.casa-montefigo.com apply. The published rates are only valid for direct bookings via www.casa-montefigo.com. The prices at partner portals or intermediaries may differ.


    3. The rented holiday home

    3.1 For the description, amenities and cleanliness of the owner accepts only to the extent the responsibility, as is possible with constantly changing tenants.

    3.2 The holiday home / cottage can only be occupied by more than the number of persons indicated in the description. Supernumerary people can be dismissed by the proprietor.

    3.3. Arrival is after previous timed and departures before 12:00 clock. Exceptions are possible only after written confirmation by the landlord.

    3.4 If the tenant does not appear on the arrival day, the contract is valid for a period of 48 hours without notifying the owner or his representative as terminated. The owner or his representative can then freely dispose of the object.

    3.5 The use of tents and RVs are not allowed on the property. For the purification of the rental property the tenant is responsible. Upon departure the property with inventory and garden is swept clean and tidy to leave. The dishes must be rinsed. The final cleaning is carried out by staff from the owner on site. The fee is in the lease. The lessor reserves the right to possibly increase the cost of cleaning effort dependent, incurred when after the departure of / the tenant (s) than normal cleaning and cleanup. The Endreinigungsgrundkosten are payable upon departure in cash. Possibly costs incurred by additional expenses will be deducted from the deposit.

    3.6 The pets are allowed only after written confirmation in the lease. The indication of race and quantity condition. However, should one or more pets in the property by the owner or its representative is not specified in the rental agreement are met locally, the lease shall be deemed terminated without notice. This also applies in relation to the number of persons given. It dispensed with in this case any claims for damages to the landlord.

    3.7 The scope of contractual performance on the rental property results exclusively from the terms of reference on the internet. Subsidiary agreements for terms of reference require the written confirmation of the lessor. Handwritten changes to the tenant in the lease is not binding, it only applies to the printed text.

    3.8 Bedding, towels, bath towels and toilet paper will be provided by the owner in accordance with an appropriate amount and. Number of guests asked for the booked period.

    3.9 booked in resort Extra options and final cleaning must be paid in cash on departure.

    3:10 Complaints must be reported from the landlord by the tenant immediately or at the latest within 24 hours from the resort. The owner strives to remedy the deficiencies within a reasonable period. Subsequent complaints will not be accepted by the landlord and do not entitle to compensation claims. After tenancy period put forward complaints will not be accepted and shall not entitle to compensation claims.

    There is here the duty to cooperate by the renter to the damage to minimize.

    3:11 against the occurrence of insects, wasps, Ohrenkneifern, ants etc. can not be guaranteed.

    3.12 The owner assumes no liability for the tenant or accompanying persons and of those introduced in the house Good. An insurance company is therefor not completed.

    3:13 damage due to improper operation systems and the inventory shall be borne by the renter.

    3.14 continues to apply the instructions booklet in the house House Rules, which, inter alia, special hints and instructions for using the devices and equipment of the house includes.

    3:15 the landlord and the service staff is the access and entering the house and the land for care, maintenance and service work to provide at any time.


    4. Changes of services

    The images in the catalog (homepage) is not guaranteed. Changes of decor and furnishings of the rental property are reserved and not give any entitlement of the tenant. However, they are basically the exemplified equivalent. It is possible that the landlord spaces or possibly pieces of furniture keeps closed for his personal belongings. These spaces are not stated in the description.


    5. Cancellation by the tenant (see also 2.1)

    The tenant may at any time withdraw from the lease. The statement on withdrawal or replacement tenant is effective from the day on which it is received by the landlord. To avoid later disagreements, the writing (letter, fax, e-mail) is strongly recommended! For a cancellation up to 4 weeks before arrival no cost to the client will be created. In an already made towards the rental of this amount will be refunded. For a cancellation at least 4 weeks before arrival the host, after

    § 651 j BGB request appropriate compensation for the owner. The compensation claim is:

    a) for termination from 4 to 2 weeks before arrival: 20% of rental

    b) when canceled from 2 to 1 weeks before arrival: 50% of rental

    c) when canceled within 1 week before arrival: 80% of rental

    d) when canceled from 6 days before arrival or no show: 100% of rental.

    For no-show, the tenant shall inform the host within 48 hours.


    6. Unused services

    6.1 If the tenant benefits from the owner not claim, there is no right to a partial refund.

    6.2 Even with impairment of the holiday or the rented property by force majeure (war, civil unrest, lack of fuel supply, epidemics, floods, algae pollution, oil spills, fires, nuclear energy, terrorist violence, unforeseen construction noise, bad weather, cold, etc.) shall be liable the landlord does not! In such cases, go incurred additional u.- rental costs charged to the tenant.


    7. Cancellation and termination by the landlord

    7.1 If the provision of the house is from unsustainably high for the landlord reasons impracticable, for example, Sale of the house by the landlord, another letting, uninhabitable by serious damage etc. is the attempt to offer in this case, a replacement object. If this is not possible or place the spare object is not the consent of the tenant, the rent paid to the landlord will be refunded. Any further claim for damages or compensation is excluded.

    7.2 If the tenant his payment obligations acc. The landlord is Paragraph 2 does not comply with a written reminder with a deadline and if necessary send termination option. After this period, the landlord is entitled to terminate the contract, in this case the cancellation fees apply in accordance with Clause. 5

    7.3 Distance information environment are approximate according to information from the owner and without warranty.


    8. Final Conditions

    8.1 The invalidity of individual provisions of the lease and / or the lease leaves the validity of the remaining provisions.

    8.2 The tenant is obliged to treat the property and its accessories and inventory carefully and with care. He is liable for all damage caused by him or the persons accompanying him. See also paragraph 3.12. The tenant is jointly and severally liable for the rented accommodation.

    8.3 The lease shall take effect when the final rent amount is credited to the account of the landlord.

    8.4 Any deviating and / or additional agreements always require the written form.

    8.5 The description on the Internet is created and maintained to the best of my knowledge and belief, however, is no guarantee.

    8.6 For justified defects and complaints to the leased property, the landlord is liable to the tenant. Jurisdiction in this case is at the residence of the landlord.


    All conditions listed here (GTC) apply with the reservation to be accepted!

    Date: 05.12.2015


    We wish you a pleasant stay



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